Helping clients navigate towards an AI-driven organization

With our vast experience and reputation in developing and conducting research on cutting-edge AI technologies, we offer novel solutions to address complex problems and automation needs in your organization.  We aim at helping and guiding your organization into a journey towards an AI-powered company, improving your productivity, customer experience, and automation processes.

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What we can do for you!

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way is to  guide you to empower you in becoming an AI-driven organization.

Boost productivity

AI can help you have a more efficient and productive workday, improved decision-making and accelerated time to insights, and enable you to achieve a better work/life balance. Thus, everyday business processes via AI can reduce the number of manual tasks employees face, freeing them to spend more time on tasks that support the bottom line.

Automate complex tasks

AI applications make it possible for computers to complete real human tasks. Some of the common skills currently imitated by AI include Natural-Language Processing, visual perception, decision-making, and adaptability. As a result, automation using AI can lead to higher production rates and improved safety.

Learn about competitors

AI technologies can see trends in the data and predict what the customers want, giving you an advantage over the competition. Engaging in an AI-driven company let you also build a sustainable competitive advantage which will deliver a superior return on investment.

Improve customer journey

AI gives you the power to strengthen customer engagement, encourage brand loyalty, and improve retention. Thus, it helps improve and scale interactions that drive operational savings for the organization and value for the customer.

Reduce costs and human errors

Using AI technologies as labor-replacement or a shift in labor thereby enabling human resources to focus on greater, more complex tasks, reduces operating costs by way of maximizing the resources a company already has on payroll.

Acquire new business models

AI technology is transforming modern businesses in the advanced process automation capabilities it provides. As companies focus on scaling their business, reducing overhead expenses, and improving their customer journey, intelligent automation is a welcomed business element.

Need Advice?

Artificial intelligence in business involves the use of intelligent systems with human-like capabilities to boost revenue, improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and drive and empowered business growth and transformation.

My Books

Este libro proporciona una introducción a la ciencia y aplicaciones de la analítica textual o minería de textos, que permiten examinar automáticamente fuentes de información no estructurada textual electrónica, con el fin de descubrir patrones o conocimiento interesante y novedoso de modo de mejorar los procesos de toma de decisiones en su organización.

The book is an introduction to the science and applications of text analytics (or text mining), which enables automatic knowledge discovery from unstructured information sources, for both industrial and academic purposes. The book introduces the main concepts, models, and computational techniques that enable the reader to solve real decision-making problems arising from textual and/or documentary sources.


I had the pleasure of working with John, in his capacity as technical advisor to the Maintenance Division of the Chilean Army, on issues associated with AI and its application to integrated military logistics. John has the technical and intellectual ability to adapt and face the challenges raised without troubles. His work allowed us to deliver high-level technical results, but understandable for any area of the organization. Finally, I must say that, if a fast and real technological solution is needed, based on the best option for the client, I believe that John is the right person to support the diagnosis and further implementation. ”

Héctor Reyes, Director, Dept. of Engineering, R & D, Chilean Army

“ We are very satisfied with the work by John in an important project of our organization. I must highlight his professionalism and robust knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in the various areas related to Artificial Intelligence. With his advice we achieved the best delivered solutions, within the established deadlines, along with great teamwork. ”

Luis Suárez, Head of R & D, Chilean Home Office

“ In the context of fraud prevention in the financial system, John developed an AI-based model for the prediction of identity theft attempts (i.e., transaction frauds). The deployed technology was very effective and helpful in proactively preventing this type of crime for banking and financial services. ”

Hugo Díaz, Partner, Tic Now, Chile

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