About John Atkinson

Founder, AI-Empowered

My Story

I’ve been a university professor at several universities in Chile (UAI, UTFSM, U. de Concepcion) and abroad. I received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh (UK), and have led scientific and technological projects both at national and international levels (US, France, Latinamerica) on several AI topics including Natural-Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Text Analytics.
Furthermore, I have been an AI consultant and transferred some intelligent systems technologies into the national and international IT industries, as well as public organizations. I’ve also been a visiting researcher/professor in several universities and research centers in UK, Canada, USA, and France.
In 2010, I received the ACM Senior member award for practical contributions to computer sciences. In addition, I have mentored undergraduate and graduate students, IT professionals, and AI specialists.  

Recently, I wrote the book Text Analytics: An Introduction to the Science and Applications of Unstructured Information Analysis (Taylor & Francis, 2022), also available in Spanish. Further details can be found at my resumé.

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