Our Approach

The Methodology for our Services

The journey towards an AI-powered organization touches all aspects of the modern enterprise including commercial, technological, operational and strategic activities. Incorporating AI technology into their processes and products involves traveling from laboratory projects, building application up to the business strategic direction. Our services are based on the methodology below to become your companion in your AI journey.

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Based on business objectives and the current situation, we help study the best technologies to solve your problems, in order to determine whether AI is the best option to meet your needs.

AI strategy

We analyze the way in which the client should use AI and accompany it in its strategy, and the stages to follow, by studying its challenges/opportunities, analyzing its conditions for advanced automation and data analysis capabilities, and identifying the most important initiatives the company must engage.

AI implementation

We have the specialized human resources to design and implement AI-based solutions for complex automation processes. State-of-the-art AI methods, models and approaches are used to deploy effective solutions.


Based on the company's goals and strategy, we evaluate in depth the performance, according to state-of-the-art metrics, for the different implemented AI-based solutions, and also comparing the results with alternative approaches.

Infrastructure & personnel analysis

We determine the necessary infrastructure, data and human resources requirements that the organization requires to move forward with the deployed AI solutions in accordance with the company's goals and strategy.


AI training

Based on our academic experience, we provide training and education not only for operating the implemented AI solutions, but also on different AI technologies including natural-language processing, machine learning, planning, etc.

Change management

We identify the business processes, people and areas that may be impacted by the implemented AI projects, and then support the organizational change. This can allow the company to meet its strategy goals based on its own mission, evaluating improvements in order to achieve better administrative, social, technical performance.


AI compliance

We help your organization identify and address the degrees of compliance of the AI solutions on issues related to regulations, confidentiality and data transparency, data and algorithmic biases, and ethical issues.